Monthly Archives: July 2013

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Three Reasons You Should Choose Recycling Monkey

There are many companies that collect old, unwanted and scrap cars, but none of them have our commitment to recycling, our higher than base value pricing and our easy, streamlined online quotation procedure. Here are three of the main reasons …

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Thinking of Selling Your Car for Scrap?

We’ve all had that beloved car that we’ve hung on to for years, whether it’s a classic car or one that has been passed down through the family as people have learnt to drive, but we all know there comes …

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Things You Need to Know When Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Car

If you’re considering getting rid of your unwanted car and you’re looking into taking it to a scrap car recycling company like the team here at Metal Monkey Recycling then there are several things you need to know: Who’s Responsible …