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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who picks up the car or van?
All the cars and vans are picked up by an approved agent, free of charge to you. We have different collectors available depending on where your car is being transported to. Cars purchased as Quick Sale or for Repairs, are more likely to be collected by motor traders, specialist cars for example classics will often be collected by a car removal company as they are often transported much further before they reach the buyer. Our agents collecting scrap cars and cars for salvage will be licensed to collect and pay for you vehicle as detailed in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

We will always provide you with the name and number of your allocated driver at the time you accept the quote. Cars will always be paid for before they are loaded. If you have any queries or concerns at any time just give us a call on 01429 279 760 and we manage your query or concern directly.
Do you charge an administration, collection or cancellation fee?
Our service is free to you. There are no charges to the car seller, the price quoted is the price you get with no deductions for administration, collection or cancellation.
Do you collect from anywhere in the UK?
Yes we have a nationwide network that is able to collect from anywhere in the country. We will tell you if same day collection is not available in a given area when we contact you with our best price.
Will I need an MOT Certificate?
No, you don't!
Will I have to clean my car?
There is no need to clean your car. We are unable to dispose of additional materials, such as household waste, so any other waste must be removed from your vehicle. In addition, please ensure that all personal belongings are removed from your car.
Do you accept Caravans?
The simple answer is no. Our network does not have the facilities available to dismantle caravans, we work with companies who specialize in cars and vans.
Do you accept bicycles?
No, we specialize in vehicles, especially cars and vans.
Do you accept motorbikes?
No, it is not an area that we believe we have adequate specialist knowledge to achieve the best price for you.
Do you accept heavy goods vehicles, lorries, buses, trailers?
We do, but it is better to ring we will collect a few details and then get one of our specialists to ring you back.
Do you accept classic vehicles, cars, vans, Lorries?
As a recycling company we love all classic vehicles and will work with you to meet your priorities. From experience it is often important that your restoration project is completed or that the vehicle parts ends up with an enthusiast. If you require classic, sold or moved straight away we can arrange this through our normal network and then move it to a specialist once we have located a buyer with a genuine interest in the vehicle.
Can I keep my number plate?
Yes, please refer to the DVLA website for more detail and an application form. Prices start from £105 to retain the vehicle registration number for one year.
How do I scrap my car for cash?
When you scrap your car with Recycling Monkey, we can pay you via cheque or electronic payment before we come to collect your vehicle. Click here for more information on scrapping your car for cash.
I have a question which isn't covered in this section
Please complete the contact form here.
Legal Obligation, Tax and Ownership
When we collect your vehicle, we will issue you with a receipt and section 9 of the V5C form which you need to post to DVLA. You should receive notification from DVLA that you are no longer the registered keeper within two weeks. If you don’t receive confirmation after this time, give us a call and we will follow the matter up with DVLA for you.

All scrap cars must be de-polluted at an authorized treatment facility, once the hazardous materials have been removed from the car a Certificate of Destruction will be issued and DVLA will be automatically notified. Should you have any queries or concerns simply get back to us, all your records will be on file and we are more than happy to address any query directly with DVLA.

You may be eligible for a vehicle tax refund. Previously you would have had to request this by completing a v14 form. As of 1 October 2014, this separate application is no longer necessary. DVLA automatically issues a vehicle tax refund when a notification is received from the registered keeper of a change to the vehicle ownership. For more information please visit the DVLA website.


  • Great Service

    23rd January 2015

    Never expected when I rang to have my car paid for and collected, saved me taking time off work, great service, thanks. Jon London 3rd July 2013


  • Helpful staff

    9th June 2014

    Just to say thanks again to your helpful staff, my car buyer never came with the money and I had already arranged to collect my new car the next day. Rick arranged to collect my old car from the garage …


  • Thanks again for collecting my Corsa

    30th September 2013

    Thanks again for collecting my Corsa from the hotel car park, a problem I did not want to come back to after my holiday, already spent the money though. Mark Cardiff 22nd July 2013