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At Recycling Monkey we like nothing more than buying cars for repair, stopping cars being needlessly scrapped is a great way to reduce waste. Specific car types tend to suffer from common problems and when you buy as many cars as we do, chances are we will know just what to do.  So don’t despair if your garage has quoted more than the value of your car for the repair, we may still be able to economically repair the car and pay you more than the best scrap car value.

To start off with, we just need some simple details,  the symptoms or the problem if it has been diagnosed, together with some details of the cars condition, mileage, length of MOT, in order that we gauge the cars potential value if repaired.

Contact us direct

If you are thinking “my car is too good to scrap, but where do I sell it?” you have found the right place. If you are wondering, “should I scrap or repair my car?” Give us a call and our experienced advisors will talk you through your options.  If you want friendly advice from one of our team, call us direct on 0333 9000 500 and ask for a quote to “sell my car needing repair”.