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When the highest value for your car will be achieved by carefully removing the parts for sale we will provide you with a quote to salvage your car.  A salvage or breakers yard is quite different from a typical scrap yard due to the need to take greater time and care to ensure there is no unnecessary damage. Salvage yards are usually highly specialised, only dealing in cars and vans, the staff will be far more knowledgeable about how to handle the parts to ensure they can be resold to repair other cars.

As with all end of life vehicles, the first priority is to drain all the potentially hazardous material, then the car will then be stored “dry” whilst the parts with value are carefully removed. The more valuable parts are sent for refurbishment and re-engineering before being tested and quality assured. For parts were there is a known manufacturers problem, once we have refurbished and re-engineered the parts, they are even better than the substantially dearer new parts. The remains of the car will then be moved to a separate area within the facility were the material will be mechanically separated before being compacted to ease transport and sent to a metal processing site with a fragmenter.

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For the very best price and most accurate quotation to sell you car for salvage, contact us directly on 0333 9000 500. Our experienced advisors are waiting now to provide you with our best salvage price for your car.