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Getting a quote for the best scrap car value

Getting a quote couldn’t be easier. Fill in the basic information for a scrap price and include further information if you feel the vehicle is worth more than just its scrap car value. The more information, the more reasons we have for paying you more. If it is easier just give us a call on 0333 9000 500.

Don’t have all the information? Don’t worry

The minimum we need is to know is:

  • The sort of car and preferably your registration number,
  • Where the car is, a postcode or Town
  • How we get in contact with you. We prefer a mobile number so we can text you, but we can contact you by phone or e mail if it is easier for you.

Additonal information

Every quote is different, whether you’re selling for scrap, salvage, repair or quick sale. We want to pay you better than scrap prices and additional relevant information will help us achieve that for you. Tell us about the positive points about your car; low mileage, good condition, new parts, etc, so we can give you for the best possible offer.

Contact us direct for the best scrap car value

Our friendly team are waiting for your call on 0333 9000 500. One call and we can quickly get the information needed to get you the best scrap car value. We genuinely want to help, so if you are trying to decide if you should spend more on repairs or to sell, wondering if the garage is overcharging or looking for a cheaper repair solution, please give us a call.