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The Best Scrap Car Prices

We aim to get the best scrap car prices for your car and maximise it’s value. As experts specialising in the disposal of scrap cars, we at Recycling Monkey believe that the word “maximising” is not merely related to the value attached to scrap cars. In fact we believe it means considering a holistic approach to bring about a balanced and positive impact on our society. With this in mind, not only do we take great efforts to find the best scrap car prices for your vehicle, but we also strive to maximise the environmental benefit as well.

Our principles, when applied through our supply chain, increase the value that we can quote for your car. We have a four step process toward Greener Recycling, this enables us to reduce waste and increases our efficiency, so that we can realise higher values for cars, their parts and materials. A supply of quality used parts also enables us to cheaply repair both broken and damaged cars, so we can afford to pay you more for repairable cars.

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, our network extends to specialist companies who will refurbish and re-engineer car parts prior to performance testing. With quality used parts, tested and warranted and at a fraction of the cost of new parts, not only can you be assured that scrapping your car with us is environmentally friendly, you will also be helping us to reduce waste by making it cheaper for others to repair their broken cars and to stop them being needlessly scrapped. For more information on getting the best scrap car prices for your vehicle, get in touch.