How Recycling is Greener than Scrapping

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We can help you scrap your carAt Recycling Monkey we offer a greener alternative to car scrapping. We aim to recycle all parts of a car, and to exceed the recycling targets for end of life vehicles, which are at least 85% of the car’s weight. Our processes mean that nothing is wasted, as any parts that we cannot reuse are shredded to enable the materials to be separated and recovered. When we receive a car that needs to be recycled, we use a four step system to ensure that we handle and dismantle it in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

Step 1: Re-use

We believe that scrapping a car should be the last resort, and we always try to repair the car for re-use instead if it is economically viable to do so. If repair is not possible, we will check the parts and re-use any which are of sufficient quality. These parts are cleaned and inspected for damage before being used again.

Step 2: Recover/Refine

The recycling process begins at an Authorized Treatment Facility where the vehicle is depolluted. This requires draining liquids such as petrol, motor oil and brake fluid, which can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of safely. After this a certificate of destruction can be issued, and then the car can start to be dismantled. Parts that can be used again are removed. Some elements may not be suitable for re-use, but can be refined. For example, engine oil cannot be re-used as it usually contains impurities, but it can be refined to produce a valuable energy resource.

Step 3: Re-manufacture

Some vehicle parts can be used again providing they are repaired or re-engineering as needed. For example certain elements of the engine might have plenty of life left in them, but need to be checked over and any fixes or updates applied, enabling us to offer certainty that the part can be re-used safely in another vehicle. We then supply these parts to our network of mechanics.

Step 4: Recycle

Parts of the car that cannot be re-used or re-manufactured can always be recycled. The parts are broken down into their base materials so that they can then be processed again.

Recycling is our main objective here at Recycling Monkey, as we believe in reducing waste wherever possible.