Should I Sell Or Scrap My Car?

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We can help you scrap your car
You might think that scrapping is only for cars that have completely packed in, but in fact it can often be a better solution than selling. Scrapping can be the answer to many problems such as failed MOTs, unreliable vehicles or old cars that require costly repairs. More and more car owners are choosing to scrap their vehicles with us, thanks to how quickly and simply we can take old cars off their hands. Read on to find out more on why scrapping your old car could be better than trying to sell it.

We can save you time
Selling your car can take weeks of hard work with no guarantee of a sale at the end of it. Finding somewhere to advertise, writing an advert, and then corresponding with potential buyers can take a huge amount of time, not to mention having to then arrange for them to come and view your vehicle. Scrapping your car saves you time and effort, and also by using a reputable scrap company you can trust that you are in safe hands, not worrying about whether a sale with a cash buyer will fall through. If your priority is to sell your car as quickly as possible so that you can get the cash, save yourself the hassle by contacting a scrapping company. Our collection process couldn’t be easier – the driver collects your vehicle, arranges the payment, and gives you the completed paperwork, all for free!

The cost effective option
Depending on the condition of your vehicle, scrapping your car doesn’t always mean having to accept a price much lower than you would get if you sold it. A car in need of serious repairs might cost you more than it’s worth to fix, but if it can be made roadworthy again you can be paid far more than just its scrap value. Try our online quote to see how much you could get for your old car. Unlike selling your car which might require you to go back and forth negotiating on the price, a scrap company will save you time by offering a fair price that you can then consider. If you want cash in your pocket as soon as possible, scrapping is the way to go. At Recycling Monkey we offer electronic transfers for faster payments.

Greener Recycling
As a green scrapping company with a commitment to recycling, scrapping your car with us is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of an old vehicle. We work to re-use the vehicle parts that are suitable for use in other cars, and repair parts that are able to be refurbished. For the components and parts that cannot be used again, they can be reduced to their component materials and recycled. We make it a priority to recycle as much of the car as we can- even waste engine oil can be collected and refined so that it can be used again. Contact us today to find out more.