What Makes Recycling Monkey So Eco-Friendly?

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People often worry that having their car recycled won’t be eco-friendly, so they keep driving it around instead of doing the sensible thing and turning it over. This might sound like a good way to help the environment, but aging cars are likely to burn more fuel than their modern counterparts, and the frequent need for repairs to major parts can add up.

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Even more importantly, services such as those offered by Recycling Monkey have adopted a greener approach to car recycling. Our four step process enables us to take each part of your vehicle and treat them in the eco-friendliest fashion possible.

1. Re-use

Sometimes a car can be economically repaired with just a few small changes. This is a rarity, but we’ll always repair it if this is the case. If the entire car can’t be fixed, we will make absolutely certain that all parts that can be salvaged for reuse are cleaned, inspected for damage, and then used once again.

2. Re-Manufacture

Other parts of your car may be used again only if extensive repair or re-engineering work is conducted. Many scrappers will balk at taking the time and effort, instead just disposing of the item. Recycling Monkey is different; we’ll replace seals, bearings, and springs to create refurbished parts with a determinable service life.

3. Recycle

In the event that any part cannot be efficiently re-used or re-manufactured, we’ll strip it down to its component parts to make sure that they can re-processed into new forms.

4. Recovery or Refine

Finally, a few parts of your old car will be unfit for re-use, re-manufacture, or recycling. This is usually the end of the road in terms of raw materials, but you might be surprised to learn that it is possible to recover the energy from certain parts of an end-of-life car. For example, we can collect engine oil, even oil that contains a significant amount of impurities, then have it refined to produce a valuable energy resource.

Here at Recycling Monkey, we know how to make each part of your vehicle last as long as possible. If you’d like to find out more about our eco-friendly practices, just contact one of our team members today.