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How It Works

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    Step 1

    Fill in our online form with your car details and any relevant additional information or simply phone and talk to one of our helpful advisers.

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    Step 2

    Our team of specialists at Recycling Monkey uses the information about your individual car to find you the best price and available collection times.

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    Step 3

    Once your happy, we book in the time and date for collection and confirm the price to be paid. You will then be allocated a collection driver and be provided with their direct phone number for your convenience.

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    Step 4

    Your driver will call you before setting off to collect your car, on arrival he will ensure you have been paid for your car, issue you with a receipt and paperwork for the DVLA. Your car will then be loaded, leaving you to simply wave goodbye to your old car.

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Scrapping A Car – Quotes

This is where we believe we are different! If from the details you supply we suspect your car is too good to scrap, we will give you a call to collect some more information. If repairing the car or fixing the damage is an economically viable option we will be able to offer much more than a car’s scrap value.

Our network specialises in buying cars with problems; seized engines, broken clutches, broken gearboxes, blown turbos, failed ecu’s , snapped cam belts, etc. Read more in Get The Best Price to understand how we are able to pay you more.

We also offer Quick Sale for cars without problems, sold to the motor trade, with quick same day collection and a cash payment option.

Our team of operators and network of agents are ready and waiting to provide you with a personal service, so call 0333 9000 500 to see how much we can pay and how fast we can collect.

Process of Scrapping a Car

On arrival at an Authorized Treatment Facility the vehicle is depolluted. This involves draining liquid and gasses which would be harmful if released to the environment for example, petrol, motor oil, brake fluids. Once the car is “dry” a certificate of destruction is issued and we then start the process of carefully removing parts for reuse.

Clearly we exceed the EU directive to recycle at least 85% of the cars weight, nothing is wasted from our process and all the parts we cannot reuse or re-engineer will be shredded, so the materials can be separated and recovered. Our primary recycling objective is to reduce waste and we believe the best way to achieve this is to find innovative ways of supplying high quality, tested and warranted parts direct to the garages, so cars can be repaired economically rather than being needlessly scrapped.

Collection & Payment

Once you have decided to proceed with our offer, your vehicle will be allocated to a named driver, you will receive their direct phone number. Your named driver knows his primary objective is your satisfaction, they will check you have been paid prior to collection and ensure that your car is collected on time. If you need any further help our team will be waiting on 0333 9000 500.

If you need collection in a hurry we will allocate the next available collection vehicle from our network.

We still pay cash for cars which are too good for scrap as they are bought by our approved Motor Traders. From the 1st October Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force, making it illegal for scrap car collectors to make cash payments, you can opt for a cheque or an immediate payment by electronic transfer when you sell your car for scrap or salvage.