4 Signs Your Car Isn’t Safe to Drive

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As time has gone on, cars have become far safer and more reliable. Modern vehicles, even when they get into the 6-figure mileage range, are so steadfast that people often ignore problems, many of which could put them in jeopardy. If you notice any of the signs listed below, make sure you pull over.

4 Signs Your Car Isn’t Safe to Drive


1. Smoke, Flames, or a Smell of Burning

This is probably the most obvious sign, and most people are going to pull over and remove themselves from the vehicle if flames start to appear. However, people often ignore instances of smoke, which might appear quite minor at first. A smell of burning is also easy to ignore. Of course, it could just be that some oil has spilled onto the exhaust pipe, but your safety could be threatened if the cause is more serious.


2. Steam

Steam is sometimes confused for smoke, and it’s another symptom of internal problems that people often choose to ignore. Steam billowing from beneath the hood probably means that coolant fluid is leaking at some point in your system. This can overheat the engine and do serious damage in a very short amount of time.


3. Handling Changes

If your car isn’t handling the way it usually does, you need to pull over and see a mechanic as quickly as possible. It might seem like no big deal to compensate for those changes during regular driving, but what if you need to make a sudden turn or manoeuvre sharply? It could be a structural problem with the car’s frame, though less serious causes include misaligned wheels and power steering fluid leaks.


4. Warning Lights Turn On

Finally, make sure you pay attention to your warning lights; they aren’t just recommendations. Driving with no oil pressure or an overheated engine can completely destroy the powertrain in very little time, necessitating the need for serious, and expensive, repairs.


These issues will often be caused by nothing particularly critical, but they do require the attention of a professional. In some cases, it may be necessary for the car to be scrapped or recycled for your safety, in which case the team here at Recycling Monkey can help provide you with the best price possible.