4 Steps To Greener Car Recycling

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We have a greener approach to car recycling here at Recycling Monkey and follow a four-step process to help decide how we recycle each car.

This approach allows us to decide which way is the most cost effective and most environment friendly, so we are 100% positive that each car or van is handled correctly.

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These four steps to our scrap car recycling process are as follows:


We don’t just get rid of every car, we check the car to see if it can be economically repaired for re-use but if this is not the case we will consider the parts of the vehicle which are of good enough quality to be re-used.

If we find some parts of the car that can be re-used, we will clean and inspect them for any damage. Those electrical parts, such as alternators and starter motors, will be thoroughly tested for their quality before re-selling them.


As we mentioned previously, some parts be re-used, and some require a little repair or re-engineering work in order to make them suitable for use. For example, replacing seals and springs will provide assurance that the refurbished part will have a determinable service life.


If one of the parts we check cannot be used again or re-manufactured, we could be able to recycle them instead. This will require us to reduce the part down into its component materials in order for it to be re-processed into a new form.


If there is no way for us to re-use, recycle or re-manufacture the components or parts of your car or van, it could be possible to recover the energy from them. The clearest example is the engine oil. Engine oil consists of impurities and cannot unfortunately be re-used. Although, if we collect this waste oil properly we can use it to produce a valuable energy resource.

This four step process to greener recycling is followed every time we receive a car or van for recycling so we can be sure everything is completely cost effective and environmentally friendly. If you are interested in a quote and to help the environment, then please do get in touch with us today.