If you drive a black car, you are more likely to be involved in an accident

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According to Money Supermarket, the colour of the vehicle you drive can have an impact on the chances of you being in an accident.

Most people just pick their favourite colour

Most people just go for their favourite colour, or one they think looks great, but not many people take into consideration the impact of the colour on their safety.

Which colours are said to be ones of ‘danger’?

A study on the correlation between car colour and accident rates found that black cars are more likely to be involved in road accidents than any other colour vehicle. This means that drivers of black cars have the unfortunate task of paying out for repairs or alternatively, selling or scrapping their cars if they are a write-off.

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Which are the safest?

Studies also show that the colours which are known to be the safest are white, gold and yellow. This is because they are more easily seen on the roads. Some shades of these though, are more visible than others.

Colour is not the only factor that influences crash rates. The age and experience of the driver, speed of the car, and the vehicles safety features are often more influential over the accident rates than the colour.

Can colour affect theft rates?

In fact, studies have shown that your car is more likely to be broken into if it is either red or blue (according to a survey by the AA). But they stress that there is no strong link between the two things.

It is worth noting that despite popular rumours, insurers do not take colour into account when setting premiums as the statistics are too unreliable.