Do You Spend Too Much Time In Traffic?

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Our last blog focused on the ongoing headaches for drivers finding a parking space, but the problems continue as a new statistic reports we spend around 30 hours each year stuck in traffic.

In fact, this statistic is a lot more for those around London, who spend almost 82 hours in traffic even with the congestion charge. This is 10 more hours than in 2012.

And, these numbers only look to grow even more over the coming years with the UK population expected to grow around ten million in the next couple of decades, it could mean around four million more drivers could be taking to the road too.

Traffic information firm, Inrix, created a report showing which areas of the country wasted the most amount of time in traffic. As you can see from the image below, London topped the chart, with Greater Manchester in second, closely followed by Merseyside and South Nottinghamshire. These were all above the UK average, by quite a stretch.

Traffic stats

So, with more and more traffic on the roads causing drivers more headaches than ever, it could be time to invest in a new way to get to work. Whether that means recycling your car and opting to cycle or deciding to lift share with fellow colleagues, we can all make small changes to help improve congestion levels and in turn reduce emission levels too.

Even changing your car for a newer model can have a huge effect on the environment, so if driving to work is a necessity a newer car can produce less emissions and use less fuel too.

With this, March is when the registration plate changes to the newest date, so now could be the best time to invest in a new car. It is also worth noting, that recycling your car quickly can help you to negotiate a better deal on a new car.

So, if you are fed up of wasting time, fuel and money sitting in traffic, now could be the best time to make a change. For a free quote to see how much your car is worth, click here.