How to Sell Your Car for The Best Price in the UK

Posted on by Paul


Best way to sell my car online and for the best price with recycling monkey

Are you looking to sell your car but can’t seem to find an unbiased opinion to start you on the path to as to which selling option will give you the best price for your used car?

We feel your pain and are here to help.


Sell your car to We’ll pay a fair price, in cash and quick!!!

Ok, that may not be as unbiased as I had intended.

I actually DO have some unbiased car selling advice, designed to help you get the best price for your old car:

The best way to sell your car (if you are patient) is to sell it privately online. And if you want to know how much to sell it for simply log onto the Auto Trader website and look for cars in a similar condition to yours and see how much they are going for.

If you have a nice long MOT on your car then that will increase your car’s value as that is one less expense for the new keeper.

Make sure your car is in good condition. Check out our previous blog for a few tips and tricks on increasing the value of your old car.

If selling your car privately online is not an option and you are looking to buy a new car too, then selling it to a dealership may be the option for you. Selling to a dealership as a part ex is normally pain free but you will receive on average 10 to 15% less by doing this.

The other option is to sell your car to a scrap car dealership or a car recycling company. Please do your research before selecting this option. The scrap car trade has developed over the years a rather unsavoury reputation and in the case of some rather popular companies it is not without reason.

Google is there for you. Look for reviews on the company to avoid making the same mistakes as other poor unfortunates that have ended up selling their car for a packet of crisps and a used chewing gum.

I think client testimonials and complete transparency is the key here.

Recycling Monkey is offering our clients – past present and future – the opportunity to share their personal experience of selling their car with us.


We like to boast when we do well and constructive comments are always welcome so we can always improve our service to you.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Comments and of course FEEDBACK on our service is always welcome.

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