New Year, New Car

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New car sales has reached a new high for the first time in over a decade reaching over 2.47 million.

These figures for 2014 show that there are plenty of drivers heading into the market to buy a new car, which will be a relief to car manufacturers who haven’t seen an increase like this since 2004.

New Car Sales Hit High For First Time In A Decade

UK Car makers especially, have endured some tough times over the last decade with new registrations dipping below the 2 million mark in 2009 and 2011.

Since this, sales of new cars has been steadily on the increase with November 2014 being the 33rd month in a row that the new registrations have been on the up.

Although these statistics are “on the up” it does mean that there are a number of used cars that are being put by the wayside. In fact, a number of used cars are being used as part of the deal to purchase the new car, when they could be used to get more money by using a car recycling service like Recycling Monkey.

Scrapping your car can often help you to negotiate a better deal on your new car too, which could mean that your new year could begin with a new car at an even better price.

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