The Scrap and Salvage Process

Posted on by Steve Whipp

In our previous posts we have described some of the processes we use to help ensure you get the best price out of your unwanted car. The three main choices you have when it comes to getting rid of your car are to sell it for repairs, scrap or salvage. In this post we will explain the process of both scrap and salvage.


Scrap Cars:

It may be that you will get the highest price from your car if it’s broken down and the parts separated into different types of material. When your car is sent for scrap it will be removed of any polluting products such as petrol, diesel, brake fluid, anti-freeze and engine oil. After this it will then be stripped of any high value items like the stereo, battery and catalytic converter.

It depends on what mechanical equipment is available at the scrap yard to how much of the car can be processed. Scrap yards will normally extract the parts with high material value that they can easily get to such as radiators, alternators, starter motors, engines, gear boxes and axles then the remainder of the car will be crushed and sent to the a yard with a fragmenter. The fragmenter will shred the car into small pieces that can be easily separated into the different types of material.

Car Salvage:

A car will be sent to a salvage yard when the best price can be achieved by carefully removing individual parts for repairing other cars. This is often the case for cars that are less than 10 years old or for models that are currently still on the market and therefore likely to contain valuable parts.

Just like when scrapping a car the first thing that needs to be removed is those polluting materials before the important parts can be carefully removed and sometimes tested or re-engineered to ensure they can be placed in other cars.

After all the salvageable parts have been removed it will be flattened and sent to a fragmenter where all the materials can be separated and recycled.

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