Thefts Of Scrap Metal Down By A Third

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Since the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 2013 the amount of thefts of scrap metal has been cut by a third.

According to the Local Government Association (LGA), the thefts of materials such as electricity cables, railway metals, war memorials and even church roofs have been costing the UK around 770 million a year.250-scrap and salvage process

The Scrap Metals Dealers Act requires scrap dealers to hold a license in order to trade and has given councils new powers to deal with rogue operations. In fact, the number of metals has fallen from almost 60,000 a year to around 40,000 in 2013/14.

Since the Act was introduced in October 2013, there have been some 8,000 licenses issued in England and Wales.

The first closure notice sent to a dealer without a license was last month in Milton Keynes and an unlicensed dealer in Lichfield was ordered to pay nearly £2,000 in costs and fines after pleading guilty to illegal trading.

The part of the country that has benefitted the most from this fall in metal thefts is the South East region with around a 46% drop in thefts. Next is London (44%) and followed closely by the North West (40%)

This huge drop in metal thefts is great for the industry and shows the importance of companies like Recycling Monkey who offer completely legal and licensed services.

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