To Park Or Not To Park – That Is The Question

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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’d know that we often feature videos and images of terrible parking. Some are funny and other are downright annoying, but did you know that average motorist wastes around 2,549 hours searching for a parking space?


This could be down to the lack of parking spaces on the school run, down the local high street or at your nearest supermarket, but it could also be due to someone else’s terrible parking.

In fact, according to a recent survey by ParkatmyHouse, it takes the average UK driver five minutes and 45 seconds to find a parking space that is suitable.

Although, those unfortunate folk that live in London spend up to 20 minutes to find a parking space; largely due to the numerous yellow lines and restricted to resident parking. It’s no wonder many people in London opt for their bicycle instead.

This recent survey also showed that 45 per cent of drivers describe parking as their biggest motoring headache, and we’d have to agree with them.

London isn’t the only area that causes parking headaches, Manchester, Southampton, Bristol and Wolverhampton all take drivers around 10 minutes to find an adequate place to park.

Waiting anywhere up to twenty minutes to find a parking space is a nightmare for any driver and has encouraged a number of people to use out of town shopping centres and online shopping.

If you too have had enough with the headache of parking, you could join the thousands of drivers who are opting to recycle their car and use two wheels instead of four. For more information on how to recycle your car, follow the link and see how Recycling Monkey can help: