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Best way to sell my car online and for the best price with recycling monkey

How to Sell Your Car for The Best Price in the UK

Posted on by Paul

  Are you looking to sell your car but can’t seem to find an unbiased opinion to start you on the path to as to which selling option will give you the best price for your used car? We feel …

Check out the top three winter car care tips with Recycling Monkey. Best Price For Your Old Car.

Recycling Monkey Gives the Top Three Winter Car Care Tips.

Posted on by Paul

  We may not have had a white Christmas but the Met office is predicting snow early to mid-January. And let’s face it – Christmas Day was hardly bathing suit weather in the UK. But what of your faithful car …

Increase the vaulue of your car and get the best scrap or recycle price for it with recycle monkey

How to Increase the Value of Your Old Car.

Posted on by Paul

So, you want to boost the value of your old car, before selling it on? Read on. It’s a busy time of year for the car salvage team at Recycling Monkey. As we inch ever closer to the festive big …

winter driving

Reduce your chances of breaking down this winter

Posted on by admin

As we creep in to autumn and winter, our cars need some extra TLC to ensure they continue to run efficiently and safely. With 20% of drivers more likely to be in a car accident in winter, there are some …


Can electric car batteries be recycled?

Posted on by admin

With many people making the move towards more economical cars and both fully electric and hybrid cars becoming more popular on the market, it poses the question as to whether you can recycle them in the same way as a …


The dos and don’ts of scrapping your old car

Posted on by admin

There comes a point with all vehicles where they are no longer safe or sustainable to use. When determining the best way to get rid of a car, owners are often stumped. Most drivers have never had to actually dispose …


We should recycle old cars just like we recycle rubbish

Posted on by admin

In a bid to save the planet, we recycle much of our household waste every day. Sorting the plastics, cardboard and metal in to their respective boxes. Yet, when it comes to getting rid of an old car we aren’t …


Common car scrapping myths busted

Posted on by admin

Scrapping a car is a hassle free and a good way of getting money for your old car. However, there are a few myths floating around that prevent people from having their old car scrapped or recycled. We’ve taken some …

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If you drive a black car, you are more likely to be involved in an accident

Posted on by admin

According to Money Supermarket, the colour of the vehicle you drive can have an impact on the chances of you being in an accident. Most people just pick their favourite colour Most people just go for their favourite colour, or …

Driving laws

What to expect from the new driving laws in 2018

Posted on by admin

This year there are set to be a number of new driving laws introduced for drivers in a bid to make our roads safer. Over the next 12 months the UK will see a change in MOT tests and some …

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