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Same Day Collection

We will always try to arrange collection of your car as soon as you wish; we are independent and our extensive network of approved collectors enables us to provide a quick service if speed of collection is your priority.

Our Speedy Same Day Collection  service is ideal for when a car must be collected the same day. Typical reasons our customers have used this service include;

The car has been towed back to a garage who now want to start charging for storage.

Your previous buyer didn’t turn up to collect.

You’re broken down at the side of a road and don’t want to pay recovery costs.

It’s your only free day for ages and you don’t want to take time off work.

So if today is the day, just ask us to”collect my scrap car today”.  As a priority we will confirm our availability, both for normal and out of hours collections and we will tell you straight away if we don’t have any spare capacity today.  We won’t accept a same day collection order without being able to book a collection time and allocate you a named collection driver, so we can all be assured that your priority collection will be monitored and on time.