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Simple Scrap Car Disposal In East London

We’ve kept scrap car disposal in East London simple and hassle-free – and your vehicle can be off to recycling with just one phone call. When you accept our offer for your unwanted car we’ll have it out of your way as quickly as we can, we’ll strive to collect the car on the same day if that suits you and we never charge collection fees.

Top Prices For Any Car, Not Just Scrap Cars, In East London

Our dedicated recycling centre gives us the ability to offer the top prices for scrap cars in East London and unwanted cars too, we’ll take them in any condition. We know our customers are often looking for a higher valuation that the base scrap valuation of a car so our expert assessment team look at each car individually with the view that scrapping the car is the final option because that produces the lowest valuation for our customer. We first assess whether the car is repairable, then what the breakers and salvage yards could do with the car and finally whether a scrap yard is the best option. We always give you the highest valuation that we can. The benefit of this approach is that it is also the most environmentally friendly approach too! From accident damaged or beyond repair to MOT failures or insurance write-offs. Just call 01642 802396 now or enter your registration number above and you’ll get a top cash offer from our friendly car scrapping team.

The Responsible Approach To Scrap Car Recycling In East London

When you choose Recycling Monkey for car scrapping in East London, you can be sure we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We’re committed to the service we provide. You don’t pay any sort of administration fees, there are no hidden charges.

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