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Local Scrap Car Buyers for Harrow – Recycling Monkey

We don’t just want your scrap car in Harrow, we will buy any car you have! A car in fine working order, accident damaged, MOT failed or a car that is at the end of the road and destined for the scrap yard, we’ll buy your car. Here at Recycling Monkey, we don’t just offer the scrap valuation of a car, our knowledgeable evaluation team will decide what we should do to make the most money for you. Many of our customers are surprised when they call in expecting their car to be scrapped and we say that we know a specialist who intends to repair it, and they’re delighted when we tell them how much they are going to receive – usually far more than the scrap value.

Receive a Quote for your car using any of our services below:

Scrap Car Values in Harrow – No Hidden Charges – Recycling Monkey

No admin fees, no hidden charges, just great offers when you sell your scrap car to Recycling Monkey! Its never been easier to sell you car, one call and we can arrange a collection time that suits you and we can often collect on the same day. We’ll make sure we have paid you before we pick up the car and because there are no hidden charges, you will receive the amount we agreed!

Cleaner Scrap Car Recycling across Harrow

We don’t just crush the cars, we take every care to extract every salvageable part out of the vehicle first, we also remove the glass and plastics for recycling. By doing this, we exceed the EU rules for recycling end of life vehicles.

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