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Best Price For Your Scrap Car Nottingham

We Want Any Car, Not Just Scrap Car Nottingham

At Recycling Monkey we give generous offers on unwanted cars in Nottingham, or scrap car Nottingham, and the surrounding areas, it just takes one call to get your car collected quickly and efficiently. We have a team of skilled operators ready appraise your car and decide on the best course of action, scrapping your car may not be the only option! You may be pleasantly surprised if we decide that its best to repair your car, then you’ll be delighted with the amount we can offer you.

We Don’t Just Buy Scrap Cars in Nottingham, We Buy Any Vehicle

Recycling Monkey make it easy to get the best prices in Nottingham and we take any car. From MOT failures to insurance write-offs or accident damage that’s not feasible to repair. Call us on 01642 802396.

No Hidden Charges When You Deal With Recycling Monkey

We don’t charge you any administration fees! Unlike some other companies, Recycling Monkey makes generous offers on scrap car Nottingham, and we don’t claw it back with hidden charges or admin fees, all you have to do is make one call to get money in your pocket and a no-fuss collection of your unwanted car in Nottingham.

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