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Recycling Monkey – Scrap Car Buyers, Plymouth

Do you need to dispose of your car following an accident, breakdown or when it simply isn’t of use anymore? Recycling Monkey can provide the solution when you are wondering “Where can I scrap my car in Plymouth?” We salvage as many of the useable parts as possible to minimise the environmental impact of scrapping a car and not only do we recycle responsibly, but we also offer incredible prices for the scrap cars we purchase – helping you to enjoy fantastic value for money when you are disposing of an unwanted vehicle.

Fill out our online form to get a quote for selling a car for salvage with Recycling Monkey, or call us today to get your quotation. We aim to provide our customers with the very best deals for their scrap cars, which means that you can feel confident that you are receiving an honest quotation for your car, whilst our highly efficient recycling methods mean that you can trust our team to dispose of your vehicle in the most responsible manner. If your car is too good to scrap we will quote you more than the best scrap car prices in Plymouth, we provide quotes for; Quick Sales, Repair, Salvage and Scrap, so you can be assured of getting the right price for your car.

Salvage My Car In Plymouth

Once your quotation has been accepted, we can arrange for payment and removal within hours. We collect your vehicle for free from the most convenient place for you; home, work, garage or roadside. We have no hidden charges just great prices, so with no administration or cancellation fees, if you’re wondering “Where can I salvage my car?” look no further.

“Where can I scrap my car for cash in Plymouth?” At Recycling Monkey, of course! Contact our team now on 01642 802396 to gain an individual quotation for your car, or to learn more about how to sell your car for scrap.

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