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Not Only Scrap Cars – We’ll Take Any Car, Any Condition in South Shields

We strive to give you top prices for all types of unwanted and scrap cars in the South Shields area, from insurance write-offs to unfinished projects, and we’ll often give you more than the car’s scrap value! Call our expert operators to discuss what your best options are, you may find that your car doesn’t need to be scrapped and that there’s a better way to dispose of your car, perhaps it can be repaired, perhaps the specialist salvage or breakers yards would offer you a higher price. Our experts will assess your car and offer you the best price they can, we will always give you an honest valuation.

No Admin Fees With Recycling Monkey

We don’t charge admin fees like some other companies that buy unwanted cars. The price that we have agreed upon is the amount of money you will receive from us and the payment will always be made before we remove your car.

Recycling Scrap Cars With Care in the South Shields area

Once we collect your unwanted car we’ll take it to our dedicated recycling facility where it will be de-polluted – removing all the toxic chemicals such as oil and brake fluid etc. Once done the vehicle will be processed to salvage any recyclable materials including plastics and then the scrap car shell will be shredded as the last stage in the process. We’re committed to maximising the recyclability of all cars in the South Shields region and we exceed the EU’s directives on vehicle end-of-life criteria.

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