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Where can I scrap my car in Southampton?

Do you have a damaged, old or unwanted vehicle which you need to dispose of in Southampton or the surrounding area? Recycling Monkey can help, we will recycle as much of the car as possible to minimise the environmental impact of getting rid of an unwanted vehicle. By following our four step recycling process, not only do we minimise waste, we also maximise the value we can pay you for your car. Complete our online form to gain an individual quote specific to your vehicle, or call us today on 01642 802396 to begin your enquiry.

We Will Buy Any Car in Southampton- Not Just A Scrap Car

We understand that there are many reasons to sell a car and that all the cars we buy are not headed for the scrap yard. You may be looking for the immediate sale of a car that still works perfectly, the car may be repairable but there’s damage or repairs needed that are putting off all the buyers. We take all of this into account when we make you an offer, we don’t ever just offer the scrap valuation unless we are sure that is where the car is headed. Once we have assessed your vehicle, we will provide you with a quotation and once you accept this you could be just hours away from receiving payment and watching your car leave on the back of one of our trucks.

No Hidden Fees For Your Scrap Car In Southampton

When you are wondering “who can salvage my car in Southampton?” look no further than Recycling Monkey. We can help motorists from across Southampton and surrounding areas to dispose of their cars for a great price, with free collection and the peace of mind that we can recycle more than 85% of the materials we process. Call us today on 01642 802396 to learn more about how you can sell your car for salvage.

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