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Not Just Scrap Cars Bought In Stoke On Trent

Does your car need scrapping? Do you think it could be saved? Are you unsure which? The best way to find out is to call Recycling Monkey. Our expert team assess every car individually to decide how we can make the most money for you. If we know a specialist who wants to repair your car then that’s usually our first choice, perhaps we can find a salvage yard that is willing to pay more for your car, scrapping the car is always the last option. We find this approach is the most environmentally friendly which is important to us, and it gets the most money out of the car which is important for you. From cars that work perfectly to insurance write-offs or uneconomical repairs, we take MOT failures and accident damaged cars too, paying top scrap car prices to Stoke on Trent’s drivers. Just call 01642 802396 and we’ll do the rest.

No Admin Fees When You Scrap Your Car In Stoke On Trent

No need to worry about additional fees or hidden charges, there aren’t any. When we give you your price for your old car, that is the money you are going to receive. Once we’ve agreed a valuation with you, we arrange a pick up time that suits your schedule, we can usually collect on the same day if that’s what you need and we always pay you before we remove the car.

Greener Recycling By Recycling Monkey

When scrapping a vehicle, we salvage as much as we possibly can. We remove all hazardous fluids before salvaging plastics, batteries, glass and any re-useable parts so that we send the minimum amount into the shredder.

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