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We’ll Buy Any Car In Sunderland – Scrap Car Recycling

Here at Recycling Monkey, we understand that offering scrap car valuations simply isn’t enough. Many of the cars we process are not headed for the scrap yard. Our expert team will assess your car individually and decide on the best course of action for you personally. If we think the car is repairable, we will offer you more than the scrap value, if we think the car has good salvage potential, we will offer you more money. We will always give you an honest valuation! Our goal is to earn as much money for you and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our assessment process of re-use, repair, recycle achieves both of these goals. Whether you have an accident-damaged vehicle that’s too expensive to repair or an MOT failure that would cost a fortune to put right – Recycling Monkey will often give you above scrap value for your unwanted car in Sunderland.

Free Collection In Sunderland And No Admin Fees

Unlike many companies buying unwanted cars, you won’t pay us an administration fee for processing your scrap car. The collection is free in and around Sunderland, so rest assured that the price we quote is the money you will receive.

We Make It Easy To Sell Your Scrap Car In Sunderland

Just call for a valuation and within one phone call we can agree the price and set a collection time that suits you, often within the same day if that’s what you want. Rest assured, we will give you the best price we can and we will pay you before your old car is taken away.

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