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Scrap Your Car in York with Recycling Monkey – York’s Local Scrap Buyers

Do you want to dispose of a scrap car in York? Recycling Monkey can collect unwanted cars, damaged cars and cars which have failed their MOTs, and recycle as much of your vehicle as possible to give you the best value possible for your car. We will strip down all of the usable components of your vehicle – including glass, plastic and batteries – and recycle these using the most effective processing techniques to ensure that our services have a minimal environmental impact.

Get a quote for your car using our range of scrap car services:

We aim to offer competitive prices for every vehicle that we process as we know you will be after the best price possible.  In fact, if we think that your car could be repaired, you could receive an even better price for your vehicle. This makes recycling with Recycling Monkey a highly cost effective way to dispose of your old car when it is no longer of use.

MOT Failures, Write Offs, Working Car, Scrap Car, We’ll Buy It In York Today

We’ll consider unwanted cars in almost any condition – not just for the scrap heap.  We consider all vehicles from write-offs and accident damaged vehicles to cars that have failed their MOT and are just too expensive to repair. Whatever condition your unwanted or scrap car is in, we’ll give you a top offer.

No Admin Fees, What We Quote For Your Old Or Scrap Car Is What You Get

The best part about receiving a quote from Recycling Monkey is that you get to keep all of it, with no administration fees. When we give you a price for your unwanted or scrap car in York, that is the amount we will give you before we take your vehicle away.

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