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Sell Your Car For Scrap

Getting the best quote to sell your car for scrap couldn’t be easier, we only need your car registration number and your postcode, together with your contact details so we can send your individual quotation. If we need more information because we suspect we can offer you more than the scrap car price we will try to contact you, so providing a phone number is always beneficial. If you think the car may have a better value for salvage or repair you could always provide us with additional information just in case.

We consider a car to be scrap when the car and its parts have little resale value and the maximum value is in recovering the material. The most cost effective way of recovering the material is to use specialized equipment to mechanically separate the material. The most efficient equipment is expensive and relies on a high volume of cars to constantly keep the machines busy.  This is why we believe it is important to be independent, we send the cars to the company who is able to maximise the value of your scrap car so that we can pay you more.

Contact us direct to sell your car for scrap

You can contact us direct on 0333 9000 500 to speak to one of our team. Pricing a scrap car is easy we can usually give you a price straight away. Our experienced advisors will also be able to quickly determine if the car has better than scrap value by asking you a few relevant questions, such as condition, mileage, length of MOT, if they suspect they may be able to offer you more for your car.