Common car scrapping myths busted

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Scrapping a car is a hassle free and a good way of getting money for your old car. However, there are a few myths floating around that prevent people from having their old car scrapped or recycled.

We’ve taken some time to bust some of these common myths about scrapping your car.

You Need an MOT Certificate 

An MOT certificate is legally required for a car to be road legal, but you do not need one to have your vehicle scrapped or recycled. If you contact a car recycling or scrappage company, they will arrange for the car to be picked up at its current location, so you don’t have to drive it anywhere.

You Can’t Scrap Larger Vehicles

This myth is actually based on truth. There are many scrapping and recycling centres that will refuse to take vehicles such as lorries, buses, and trailers because they aren’t well equipped to deal with such large vehicles. We can take care of these vehicles, but it’s best to call one of our specialists to arrange it.


You Can’t Keep the Nameplate 

Sometimes drivers are keen to hang on to their number plate, especially if it’s been personalised.  When scrapping your car, you don’t need to lose your nameplate, you just need to contact the DVLA and pay a fee that retains that specific registration number.

Scrapping isn’t Eco-Friendly 

Scrapping needs to be eco-friendly because the law currently states that when scrapping a car you must recycle at least 85% of the car’s weight.

Now we’ve busted the common myths, you don’t need to let them stand in the way of getting money for your old car. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our experts today.