How to Increase the Value of Your Old Car.

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Increase the vaulue of your car and get the best scrap or recycle price for it with recycle monkey

So, you want to boost the value of your old car, before selling it on?

Read on.

It’s a busy time of year for the car salvage team at Recycling Monkey.

As we inch ever closer to the festive big day, people are stocking their wallets up on Christmas present money by selling their old or broken cars.

Though prominent in the UK, are only one of the many car recycling and scrap car companies that could buy your car, regardless of the condition – but how do you know if the price you are quoted is a fair one?

Whether you want to sell a car because you are in desperate need of cash or because you have a broken or old car that is blocking up your drive way, you deserve a fair price.

This blog will give you a few helpful hints regardless of which company you want to go with, meaning you can make an informed, hassle free decision:

Is your car scrap company merely going for the conservative ‘Book Price?’

You’ve seen the commercials – Just enter your Reg number here and we’ll give you an instant price.

  • So, you do and you receive a quote that is considerably lower than you wanted.
  • Then a representative from the scrap car company comes around, examines the car and offers you even less money.
  • Reluctantly you agree and you don’t even get cash in hand. It’s a bank transfer that takes a few days to come through.

If that’s fine with you then … Problem solved.


What if you want a fair price for your old car?

Well, there’s a few things you can do (or be aware of):

If your car is old enough to be rejected by Fred Flintstone, has had more previous owners than I’ve had Sunday dinners (I like my Sunday dinners), gaps in the service history and significant wear and tear, then many companies will not be overly keen on giving you top dollar for your old car.


If your old car has had new features added, for example:

Sat nav, rear parking camera, flux capacitor (The last one may just be in Back to The Future).


No damage and a full-service history.

Or even…

The car is a desirable colour – for example, green (It’s a colour, look it up, haha).

Then the valuation will go up.

The price you are offered very much depends upon how much the scrap car company or car recycling company WANTS to give you, which will partly depend upon how much money they can make from it and of course how much profit they want.

As a rule of thumb, don’t take the book price unless you know that the car is a complete shambles. Also, insist on someone coming around to value the car before agreeing. You can’t know the true value of a car till you see it.

Many people look upon their old car as a member of the family and to sell it for scrap can be distressing. There’s nothing wrong in asking what will become of your old car before you let it go, especially if its possible to have the car repaired.

There are many companies out there who pay the absolute minimum because they suspect that you REALLY need the money. And if you don’t, then there will be another poor individual just around the corner who does.

I am going to self promote here a little because Recycling Monkey prefers to leave customers happy enough to recommend us to their friends long after we have purchased their car.

At we come out to see you and your car and will pay you cash there and then. No waiting for bank transfers.

We have a team of mechanics working for us so, if a car can be repaired then we often will, meaning more money for you, meaning in turn you recommend us to your friends and family.

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Till next time…