Recycling Monkey Gives the Top Three Winter Car Care Tips.

Posted on by Paul


Check out the top three winter car care tips with Recycling Monkey. Best Price For Your Old Car.

We may not have had a white Christmas but the Met office is predicting snow early to mid-January.

And let’s face it – Christmas Day was hardly bathing suit weather in the UK.

But what of your faithful car sitting out there on the drive, braving out the winter months and never complaining?

The team at Recycling Monkey have listed the top three must do’s if you want your car to survive the bitter cold months this Christmas (emm, in January).


  1. Check your Battery


You know the feeling… You walk outside, close your front door, wave to the neighbours and comment on how cold it is (You are in England after all). After exchanging a few pleasantries, you get in your car and turn the key in the ignition to find – Not too much. Your car won’t start. You cry and subsequently throw yourself in a skip.

It’s a tale as old as time. We hear it time and again.

But how can it be avoided?

Buy a volt meter before winter starts. The link below is for a reasonably priced one on Amazon.

This will tell you whether or not you need to buy a new battery.

Just in case, it’s never a bad idea to have a pair of jump leads tucked away in your boot.


  1. Make sure you have plenty Anti-Freeze.


This is not where you pop your auntie in the fridge (Trained mechanic talking here).

A cold winters day beckons and your car starts as it should, but as you drive, you notice the engine temperature rapidly rising.

Firstly, stop the car as soon as you can. Because if you don’t:

Best case, the car will simply stop working –

worst, the engine will actually explode.

Always make sure you have enough anti-freeze in your car radiator. Many mechanics recommend a 50 / 50 measure of coolant and water.


  1. Fit Winter Tyres.


Ever wished that in the wintertime you could press the brake on your car and your car doesn’t do an impression of Jane Torvil skating her way down the road, onto the pavement, over a poodle and into the local bakery?

I know the feeling.

Winter tyres are a must in places where the temperature regularly drops below 45 degrees.  These would provide increased traction meaning you can move safely and brake on those slippery roads.

Remember, if you’d like to sell your car quick and for a fair price: